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Brood V2PX Two Tap Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser

Color: Silver

Brood V2PX Two Tap Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser

Product Description 

The world’s first ever Two-Tap Hot & Cold Nitro Coffee Dispenser. Build an entire hot & cold coffee menu using just one machine!

The Nitro Coffee revolution has just crossed a new threshold. For the first time you can have Nitro Cold Brew served Hot or Cold! And it has never been easier! Our one-of-a-kind Two-Tap ‘Hot & Cold’ Nitro V2PX draws cold brew coffee from any container, keg, or bag; chills it to 2°C, or heats it to 70°C. This means no separate nitrogen tank is required. Within seconds you'll have velvety smooth Nitro Cold Brew in your hands! And for the first time ever not only can you pour two different drinks simultaneously, but you can pour one of them hot! Take all your favourite chilled coffee beverages and serve them hot. Let your customers choose!

For all you that have struggled with a traditional kegerator, we promise you that the Nitro V2PX™ eliminates all the hassle. Better yet, you get a consistent product at every pour and never a flat cup of nitro. Forget about your pressure regulator or switching your nitrogen tank. We all know how tedious that can be. You'll have more time to focus on your

This is what your menu could look like if you introduce Nitro Cold Brew drinks:

Add value for your customers by introducing Nitro Cold Brew to your menu. You can pour a drink in less than 7 seconds with complete consistency. Better yet you can do it on demand, so no more queuing for your customers and no more wastage for you. Build your cold beverage menu with Nitro Cold Brew.

Every purchase of the Nitro V2PX comes with a welcome kit including BiB bags and a BiB adaptor.

A Nitro V2PX™ is an easy way to boost your beverage sales. It's an exciting new way to serve coffee for your customers, especially non-coffee lovers who may find the taste of hot coffee bitter and harsh. Add homemade syrups, or better yet try infusing orange and cinnamon in your Cold Brew and taste how delicious it'll be when served on nitro! The Nitro V2PX™ makes Nitro Cold Brew fun and versatile, so get creative with your recipes and start pouring!


Pour Faster
Pour a glass in seconds! Don't let your customers wait. Pour 120 drinks per hour.

More Revenue
Expand your menu by serving Cold Brew Beverages with a boost of Nitro. Check out our recipes.

Set up a unique B2B business with minimal CAPEX and little maintenance year round.

Market Nitro Cold Brew as a healthy alternative. It doesn't need added milk or sugar. It's naturally creamy and perceptibly sweeter!

Our cutting-edge technology and build quality will make your operation simple and intuitive.

Additional Benefits
  • No Kegs
  • No Fridge
  • No Space
  • No Installations
  • No Gas Cylinders
  • No Hassle


 Power Supply 110 V / 60 Hz or 220 V / 50 Hz
Nominal Power 334 W
Dimensions (W x H x D)

11.42" x 13.58" x 20.86"

290 x 345 x 530 mm


24.0 KG

52.91 Lbs

Dispensing Capacity

36 L/Hour

Coffee Temp at Tap

2C (+/- 1C) / 35.6F (+/- 2F)

Internal Tubing Capacity

750 ml


Bag In Box Adaptor


1 Year


Brood V2PX Brochure
Brood V2PX Operation Manual