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Website Ordering Process

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Guide Contents

In this guide you will learn how to place an order on our website using your wholesale account.

Please make sure to follow the steps outlined in this guide in a linear order unless specified otherwise.

Please note all pricing shown in this guide is subject to change.


Pre Requisite Steps

Step 1 - Register For An Account On Our Website

In order to follow along with the steps in this guide you will need an active wholesale account on

If you do not have an account on this website that has been allocated wholesale pricing click here and complete the steps on this page.

Please note it can take up to 72 hours for your to be able to use your wholesale account once you have completed this step.
We will contact you via email once we have reviewed your application.


The Website Ordering Process

Step 1 - Login To The Website

Navigate to: and login to the account that you have created for wholesale pricing in the pre requisite steps above. If you see a page like the screenshot below then you are already logged in and can proceed to Step 2.

Barista Equip Website Login Page

Step 2 - Shop Until You Drop

Now you can simple add the products you wish to order to your shopping cart. Our best pricing for wholesale customers is always on our Puqpress and Perfect Moose range of products. If you need some help on where to start we recommend using the links below:

Shop Puqpress

Step 3 - The Shopping Cart

Once you had added all the products that you wish to purchase to your shopping cart, the next step is to make your way to the checkout. Start by moving your mouse cursor to the top right of our website and clicking on the shopping cart as shown in the screenshot below:

Barista Equip Website Shopping Cart

On the shopping cart page you'll easily be able to edit your shopping cart to add or remove items.


Moving on to the check out page, on this page you will also see the savings you have made by shopping with us as a wholesale customer.

You will be able to see the following type of discount if you have been approved for wholesale discount:

Website Discount Shown on Checkout

Step 4 - Choose Your Checkout Option

Your payment options to checkout are as follows.

  • Our Standard Checkout (click the green checkout button)
  • ShopPay (click the purple button if you wish to use the ShopPay checkout system)
  • PayPal (click the darker orange button to check out with PayPal. Please note you can still pay with PayPal using our standard checkout option too)
    • Google Pay (click the black button to check out with Google Pay)
    • Amazon Pay (click the lighter orange button to use Amazon Pay checkout service.

    For the purpose of this guide we will continue with option 1, our standard checkout which is what we always recommend.

    Step 5 - Checkout & Shipping

    Once you have clicked the checkout button you will be asked to enter your contact details as well as the shipping address (these details will be saved after your first purchase but can be changed at any time).

    Now that you have entered this information you will be presented with the option to select a shipping rate.

    • UPS Ground Shipping is our standard shipping option for 1-3 days shipping
    • UPS Next Day Air Shipping is our next day service for urban areas if you are in a rush.

    Please note shipping prices are automatically calculated by our website based on your address.

    If you have been provided with a coupon to use for your order you can enter it in the box marked in the screenshot below:

    Discount Coupon Box

    After you select your preferred shipping option click on the Continue to payment button. 

    Step 6 - Checkout & Payment

    You will now be provided with a number of payment options, below is a breakdown of each option. Please select your preferred option. 

    • Credit Card - For paying with Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express debit and credit cards.

    • ShopPay - For paying in full or split over 4 payments using the ShopPay checkout system.
    • PayPal - If you wish to login with your PayPal account and pay via the PayPal gateway select this option.
    • Klarna - For effortless finance / instalment payments or if you wish to buy now and pay later without a pay later account this is a great option.
    • Amazon Pay - If you wish to login with your PayPal account and pay via the PayPal gateway select this option.

    Next up you can select to either use the address that you have entered for shipping as a billing address. If you wish to enter an alternative billing address, please select Use a different billing address

    Finally you have the option to check a box in order to save your information for future orders. Please note this only saves your contact and address information and your your payment option or card information.

     Now all thats left is to click the Pay now or Complete order button depending on which payment option you have selected.

    Step 7 - Checkout Completion

    Congratulations, if you have reached this stage you should see a page like this:

    Completed Order Example

    Please contact us if you have encountered any error or have noticed any issues placing an order on our website.

    If you have encountered any error or have noticed any issues placing an order on our website please contact us at or call us on +1 844 781 3152.

    Thank you for shopping at Barista Equip.