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Warehouse Relocation In Progress - Orders Placed After 07/03/20 Will Be Delayed By 3 Weeks

Mahlkonig K30 Vario Air Coffee Grinder

Color: Black

Mahlkonig K30 Vario Air Coffee Grinder


Product Description

The distant future, a one in which robots clean your house and make your breakfast, is getting closer every day with the Mahlkonig K30 Vario Grinder. Not only can this grinder give you a single quality shot of espresso in two seconds, it can do it with professional consistency that other less evolved grinders can only aspire to. This grinder will fulfill every coffee scientist's dream, with intuitive programming, easy adjustments, electronic shot counters...the list goes on.


Features and Functionality

  • High Capacity: The Mahlkonig K30 Vario has a huge bean hopper (1.5 KG / 3.3 LBS), and is one of the fastest grinders we have ever used, able to grind a single shot quantity of espresso beans at 3.8-4.8 grams per second.
  • Technologically Advanced: Programming this grinder takes another variable out of the picture when brewing espresso, making it even easier to achieve the consistently perfect shot once you get the K30 dialled in for your machine.
  • Intuitive: This grinder might be a robot from the future, but it still focuses on ease of use. With a press of your portafilter against the power switch, this grinder will produce any quantity you need.
  • Precision, Precision, Precision: Don't sit there and worry about how consistent the grinds will be that come out of this machine, it can handle most settings with ease, which won't leave you guessing if your grind consistency is an issue.
  • Large Hopper: Definitely big enough that you won't need to be filling beans every day. However, we do recommend keeping your whole beans stored airtight, or as close to airtight as possible, to ensure maximum freshness.


  • Freshly ground portion grinding directly into the port-a-filter


  • Electronically controlled (timer)
  • Variable programming
  • Grinding time is less than 2 seconds for a single espresso of 7 grams


  • Grinder starts automatically when inserting the port-a-filter
  • Hands-free operation


  • Red-Dot-Design Award 2005
  • Modular build-up
  • Illuminated display
  • Different colours and branding on request
  • Hopper adapter for individual barrels available

K30 Vario:

  • Stepless grind adjustment
  • Electronic shot timer



Model Number K30 Vario
Manufacturer Mahlkonig
Width Tall Hopper: 9.50 inches | Short Hopper: 9.50 inches
Depth Tall Hopper: 12.60 inches | Short Hopper: 12.60 inches
Height Tall Hopper: 21.75 inches | Short Hopper: 17.50 inches
Watts 470-850 watts
Volts 100-115 volts
NSF Certified Yes
Bean Hopper Capacity Tall Hopper: 3.30 pounds | Short Hopper: 1.25 pounds
Dosing Options Programmable Dosing Functionality
Adjustment Configuration Stepless - Infinite Settings
Grinder Style Burr - Flat Steel
Burr Diameter 65mm
Timer or On/Off Switch Both Timer & On/Off Switch