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We just bought a Puqpress Q1 for our office and are really happy with how easy it was to set up and use. Now everyone is making coffee like a real barista!


I am a service tech in Northern Wisconsin, USA. I recommended your product to one of my clients who was going to lose her best barista due to work fatigue, she bought it and loves it! She was able to keep her staff. I tried it and loved it as well.

CHAD RICH, Everything by Design LLC

At CREMA Coffee Roasters, we love Puqpress because it reduces barista injuries. Consistency of espresso extraction and 3. Reducing waste. We were having complaints of tennis elbow and arm/shoulder strain from tamping. We felt that the Puqpress was a no-brainer in helping us achieve that goal.


Thank you for reaching out. Excellent customer service. Just received the unit, very happy with the condition and packaging. Took it to location and spent several hours going over the machine, components, cleaning, and calibration.My customer was very happy! 100% immediate improvement in consistency from barista to barista. Temple Coffee Roasters


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