Puqpress Cleaning & Setup

Puqpress Cleaning & Setup | Q, M & Mini Series

IMPORTANT - Clean your Puqpress daily. It is easy to do and only takes a minute. Watch the Video for your model and find out how.

Q Series

The correct setup of the Puqpress is critical to the Extraction result. This short video explains how to ensure the perfect set up of your portafilter.
IMPORTANT - Please set up with hot portafilter handle to give you the best fit!

Puqpress Q1 Set Up


Puqpress Q2 Set Up


M Series


Puqpress M1 Set Up & Cleaning 



Puqpress M2 Set Up & Cleaning



Puqpress M3 Cleaning


Puqpress M5 Set Up


Puqpress M5 Cleaning


Puqpress Mini


Puqpress Mini Set Up


Puqpress Mini Cleaning