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Puqpress FAQ


How Do I setup My Puqpress?

For the Puqpress Q2 2018 click here.

For the Puqpress M1 click here.

Why is my tamp not even?

Your lower clamp maybe set too low and this will cause uneven pucks. Refer to set up video.

What tamp weight should I set my Puqpress at?

We recommend starting with 30 Lbs or 14 Kg of pressure, then you can move up or down from there depending on your results.

How Do I change my Puqpress from KG to LBS?

Follow the steps below to set your Puqpress to display tamp pressure in LBS instead of KG. To start, turn your Puqpress off and being with step 1 below:

1) SETTLE procedure: HOLD both the ‘+’ and ‘SET’ buttons and turn unit ON. ‘SE’ appears on display.
2) For USA only: press ‘SET’ button, ‘C0’ appears on display.
3) Press ‘+’ , = ‘01’ for LBS
4) Press ‘SET’ button 3 times, program return to operational mode.

How often should I clean my Puqpress?

For hygiene purposes, we recommend a daily regime. We've created videos on this topic which can show you the best way to clean your Puqpress. You can view those here: M1 or Q2 2018.

My extraction time is inconsistent with my new Puqpress?

Extraction time can vary when the Puqpress is new. Please view the Run-In process in the setup videos.

If you are using an under grinder automatic tamper it is important to dose according to the size of the basket.

E.G If you are using a 20-gram Filter basket, for best tamping effect, fill it with 20 grams of coffee.

What Size Puqpress Tamper should I get

Please click here for details. If you have changed your portafilter baskets from the original ones that were supplied by the manufacturer we advise you contact your basket supplier or measure the inside diameter using a digital calliper to ensure you order the correct tamp head size.

If you want any assistance on this please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.