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About Us

Barista Equip is the American branch of Barista Technology Australia which commenced operations in 2013 in Australia by Brett Bolwell following on to his success as one of Australia's leading automatic coffee franchise businesses Espresso Essential. This passion for the coffee industry paved the way to new opportunities and advantages from the benefits of the using an automated approach to highly repetitive barista duties.

In a short time, Barista Equip has built a reputation as market leaders by providing a high-quality innovative cafe product with unique benefits for speciality coffee outlets, coffee roasters & franchise chains.

Our goal is to solve a range of problems caused by the manual process when making coffee.

The first product we released called “Puqpress” was engineered by Barista Technologies Netherlands to perfect the tamping process by producing a consistently flat and evenly distributed tamping force to the ground coffee, thereby extracting a more consistent flavour whilst reducing the fatigue on the barista.

Other innovative and leading industry ideas then saw a partnership with Andale (Australia's #1 beer equipment company) providers) to develop the "Moobar Cafe Milk System". This new technology using refrigerated milk lines and patented Q-Guard antibacterial lines offer fast and accurate milk dispensing without the need to use plastic bottles.

Our passion for the perfect espresso has seen Barista Technology Australia partner with most of Australia's most reputed coffee roasting companies including Campos, Cerebos & Rueben Hills in Australia & New Zealand who have also recognised the benefits of this technology.

In a short time, Barista Equip & Barista Technology Australia have captured the attention of a large number of national franchise chains who saw the immediate benefits in creating efficient, effective and safe work environments. This is a major step forward in positioning Barista Technology customers ahead of the competition.

Today, Barista Equip's ability to innovate and solve the argument between automated over manual is making waves in an industry that is evolving quickly. Our philosophy is “the perfect cup of espresso requires innovative & proven solutions for today's modern barista"

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Benefits from shopping with us

  • Unparalleled Quality - we sell handpicked products only
  • Knowledgeable Staff - we know our products inside and out
  • Outstanding Customer Service - we love our customers as much as our products
  • Fast Nationwide Shipping
  • Secure Checkout - you're information is protected by state of the art 128-bit encryption