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Make Every Coffee Excellent

Is every coffee you're serving as good as it could be? Flow gives you the visibility to take control of your coffee offering, to ensure every coffee you serve makes your customers day.

Get Flow For Your Business

The Flow system consists of 3 parts:

The Flow Device,
The Real-time Gauges,
The Analytics Dashboard

Discreetly integrating with all major espresso machines, Flow records every shot pulled, enabling users to measure their consistency and quality, either within a single cup, or across an entire working week, through the implementation of coffee telemetry.

Reduce Your Costs!

Visibility of operations allows for organizations to focus resources where they’re most needed. Training can be tailored to the needs of specific sites and baristas. Support can be offered remotely and equipment can be optimized for each sites’ requirements.

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Why Choose Flow?

The Flow Device

A small internet connected device that's integrated with your espresso machine.

• Easily integrated with a wide range of volumetric coffee machines.

• Captures and analyses data from the coffee machine in real time.

• Mounted discreetly with no permanent modifications required to your machine.

Real-Time Gauges

A display that gives baristas immediate feedback on whether the recipe is being met or not.

• Each shot poured is shown on the shot clock, with clear feedback whether it met the recipe or not.

• Mount one of the many modern devices near the coffee machine for useful feedback.

• Train your baristas using immediate feedback on shot times, recipe adherence and grinder settings.

Analytics Dashboard

A web based dashboard that give you visibility of every sites performance.

• Globally accessible dashboard with every short poured stored for analysis.

• See how your store (or stores) are performing on a number of key metrics.

• Review stores, days and busy periods to identify trends and issues.
- Receive daily reports of your stores key metrics, and keep up the play.

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Flow’s ability to track your coffee quality and consistency is an essential tool for coffe roasters and multi site cafe operations.   Our cloud based software offers the barista immediate feedback to be able to make quick changes and ensure brew recipes are within the brew recipe as well as with the ability to quantify their performance.  Customers expect great coffee so don't risk losing customers to poor processes.  As a coffee roaster or cafe protecting your brand is essential and with Flow monitoring your coffee quality means you can focus on growing your business. 

Great coffee creates a moment we can stop and cherish.

When we deliver a consistent experience in the cup, customers will enjoy that moment every day. That is a customer experience we can pride ourselves on.

FLOW’s objective feedback doesn’t just aid baristas, collective data reports can also help owners prioritize resources, targeting the specific necessary areas to their business and brand maintain a high level of service and consistency.

Performance analytics correlates raw data to reveal new insights, plan more effectively, and help make better business decisions. 

Staff are able to better understand where their strengths lay, and where they might need to improve.

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