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PUQPRESS PERFECTION - In your own home!

PUQPRESS PERFECTION - In your own home!

Puqpress Mini In Black & White

PUQPRESS MINI: Take your home espresso game to the next level!

In a short amount of time, the Puqpress line of automatic tampers have become a staple within cafes across the world; baristas are spared damage to shoulders and wrists from repetitive hand-tamping several hundred times a day, in favour of unequalled, precise, fast, and level tamping, that delivers consistent optimal flavour extraction. Without losing any momentum, Puqpress are now delivering that same, barista-quality, flavour consistency to your own home or office – thanks to their new Puqpress Mini!

Exquisitely finished and available in premium matte colouring, their new compact, automatic tamper shares the same robust and refined craftsmanship as it’s professional counterparts. Ensuring all of your tamps are 100% flat and level, and sealing in the flavour of your ground coffee; it’s also compatible with naked portafilters, and will even auto-adjust its pressure to your dosage! So, no matter what, it will still tamp perfectly, every time…

The Puqpress Mini is the perfect solution for those who want access to barista-quality coffee at home, or in their workplace. It’s high-level performance even makes it suitable for smaller cafes, or venues that want to provide the option of quality coffee to their clientele. If your passion for great-tasting coffee has already seen you invest in a quality grinder and espresso machine, then the Puqpress Mini is a must-have – protect that investment by ensuring consistency and optimum flavour in your grind, and in your cup!

To find out more about the Puqpress Mini, click here.

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