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Puqpress Mini

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The Puqpress Mini is perfect for serious home enthusiast, small cafe or restaurant businesses. Extract your coffee as good and as consistent as professional baristas do.

Product Description

Any professional barista will tell you that to enjoy the best coffee at home, you need a proper machine, a sharp grinder, and a good 10,000 hours of practice tamping coffee.

Well, not anymore.

Puqpress Mini is designed for the home barista or small commercial cafe doing under 25lbs of coffee per week. Ensure your tamping is always perfect and extractions are consistent. Mini is our most affordable product in the range but as expected from Puqpress is built to the same quality as all our range.

Did you know?

That manual tamping can lead to musculoskeletal injury risks for baristas?

Click here for an independent comparison between Manual Tamping and the Puqpress.

Portafilter Size Chart

Portafilter Size Chart - Barista Equip

Puqpress Mini Features

Tamps perfectly flat & level

The super tough frame ensures all your tamps will be 100% flat

Auto adjusts pressure to your dose

Do you change the dose? Still a perfect tamp.

Works with naked portafilters

Yes, it does. For the smoothest extractions.

Premium colours & finishing

MINI looks as stunning as his bigger siblings with its premium colours & matt finishing

Make sure to order the correct Tamp Size!

Make sure to order the correct Tamp Size!

Puqpress Tamp head sizes are based on commercial application measurements. These sizes as indicated are a guide only. If you are purchasing for domestic machines please ensure that you have correctly measured your filter basket diameter to ensure the most consistent tamp is achieved.

Click here to find out what Tamper Size you need
Want to find out how to setup your Puqpress?

Want to find out how to setup your Puqpress?

Click the button below to view our Puqpress Setup & Cleaning page.

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